I have been making costumes since 2006.

On this page I've listed both handmade, partly thrifted and bought costumes! Cosplay is fun, and for everyone!

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Rising of the Shield Hero (anime)

Naofumi Iwatani

I made this as a quck project to match a friend. Watch the full making of video on my Youtube-channel

Fire Emblem Three Houses (game)


This is a 3-in-1!  I love the Fire Emblem 3 Houses game and Mercedes is one of my favorite characters!

Summer banner costume made with some original design 2021 for a photo shoot with a friend. For winter holidays 2020 I made my own design version. School uniform made 2020 for a photo shoot with a friend.

Fire Emblem Three Houses (game)

Marianne von Edmund

Original design date outfit made with purchased pieces 2020 for a photo shoot with a friend (AmenooAtelier). School uniform made by AmenooAtelier for our WCS qualifier video 2021. 

Go to competition cosplays to check out my time skip Marianne cosplay. 

Demon Slayers (manga/anime)

Giyuu Tomioka

Giyuu's cafe outfit was too cute to not make 🥰 Hand made apron and tie. Thrifted shirt, pants and shoes. Wig styled by me. Spring 2021.

One Piece (manga/anime)


So happy with how this Halloween themed cosplay photo shoot turned out!! The photos have such a cute "spoopy" pin up vibe! Costume handmade by me (2020).

Demon Slayers (anime/manga)


Inosuke is best boi - change my mind! Altered purchased costume. I styled the wig and made swords. Summer 2020

Darkstalkers (game)


Kimono version handmade costume 2020. Figurine: nurse uniform version with Tenkou as Lilith, handmade fall 2018. 

Boku no hero academia (manga/anime)

Bakugou Katsuki

Here's another character with several versions! I just love him so much! Fantasy outfit (2019), Casual outfit (2019), Track suit (gender bend 2017) and Hero suit gender bend 2016. (See "competition cosplays" for more info on the hero suit cosplay).

Boku No Hero Academia (anime/manga)

Todoroki Shoto

Several versions of same character again! School uniform purchased spring 2019. Hero suit handmade 2019. Track suit handmade 2017. 

Naruto (anime/manga)


Hand made costume 2019. I made my first version of this cosplay in 2009 so it was fun to re-visit :)

Banana Fish (anime)

Ash Lynx 

Thrifted and bought pieces. Styled wig.  Spring 2019. 

Yuuri on Ice!!! (anime)


Handmade costume.  Spring 2018 

Overwatch (game)


My own casual/street version. spring and summer 2018

Boku No Hero Academia (anime/manga)

Mt Lady

One of my favourite costumes to wear! So comfortable, and I feel super cute in it! Costume handmade by me 2018.

Overwatch (game)

Mercy Angela Ziegler

I assisted and acted in my friend Tokah’s Cosplay SM and NCC cosplay performane 2018. Casual version of Angela with altered clothes and borrowed gloria by Ciwiel and Remedy. I styled the wig and made the gun.  (Retired)

Ni no Kuni (game)


 Handmade costume and thrifted pieces (handmade Mr.Drippy) I just love this game so much!! November 2017

Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon (anime)


Handmade 2017.

Pokémon (game/anime)

Ninetales Gijinka (original design)

Duo-cosplay with Meruna! It was so much fun to create our own designs for this! Handmade 2017 (Retired)

Pokémon (game/anime)

Officer Jenny

Handmade costume May 2017

Astrid (comics)


Handmade 2017 (Retired)

Pokémon Go (mobile game)

Pokémon Go Trainer

Handmade by me august 2016. Quick cosplay just for fun :) Newer photo shoot 2020 

DOTA2 (game)


Handemade costume fall 2015. 

Star Wars (movies)

Princess Leia

I've wanted to make this for so long! I love her so much! I grew up watching Star Wars at home with my brother, and it holds a dear place in my heart. She is my favorite princess! Handemade costume 2015. Blaster 3Dprinted 2019. 

Adventure Time (cartoon)


Handmade costume summer 2015. (Retired)

Rescue Rangers (cartoon)


Somehow this simple costume seems to be a favorite! :) Handmade by me early spring 2015.

Want to make one yourself? Find the tutorial for the costume here. 

X-men Evolution (cartoon)

Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat

Handmade costume. (Retired)
Awards: “Best performance” Kodachikun, Lund, Sweden 2014. 

Adventure Time (cartoon)

Lumpy Space Princess

Handemade costume by me. For a party. Sew the dress + styled the wig and made the star. Fall 2014 (Retired)

Pokémon X/Y (game)


Quick cosplay. Made skirt and altered shoes. summer 2014 (Retired)

Adventure Time (cartoon)

Princess Bubblegum

Hand made costume summer 2014 (Retired)

Want to make your own Peppermint butler? Find the tutorial here. 

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (animated tv-series)

Derpy Hooves

I made the wings. Altered shirt and hat. Fall 2012 (Retired)

Alena (comics)


Quick closet cosplay. Spring 2012. The comic was later turned into a live action movie! Check it out!
Awards: Won the “Alena” costume contest at SIS/SPX 2012. 

Eyeshield 21 (manga)

Mamori Anezaki

Handmade costume. Spring 2010 (Retired)

Kill Bill (movie)

Elle Driver

Quick cosplay (for a party). Altered doctor’s robe. Spring 2010 (Retired)

Harry Potter (novels)

Narcissa Malfoy

Quick cosplay (for a party). Altered thrifted dress spring 2009 (Retired)

 A Game of Thrones (novels)

Cersei Lannister

Handmade costume 2009, newer photoshoot 2013 (Retired)

As I made this before the TVseries came out I based the costume of how she's portrayed in the first novel. My friends and I had a full group for Finncon 2009 where we met George R R Martin! (Read the first book in junior high..)

 Hellsing Ultimate OVA (anime) 

Sir Integral Hellsing

Handmade costume. I made blazer and tie. Altered gloves. 2009 (retired)


15+ years as a cosplayer. 

10+ years working professionally with events. 

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like me to attend your event as a cosplay competition judge, hold a workshop/panel, promote your game/movie or something else! 

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